HCC Eastern Ward


Note re Eastern Ward.

We received no response from Glenda Barratt. We sent multiple email and text messages to MS Barratt which she failed to respond too. She claims that she did not receive them, but she did receive our third email which announced the results.

Ms Barratt was also slow to embrace the Living wage on Hutt City Council.



Andy Mitchell
Occupation: Stay-at-home-Dad, educator
Candidate for: Eastern Ward, Lower Hutt
Are you a union member/staff member? No
Have you previously been a union member? If so, when and where? No
(for business owners only) Are there union agreements at your business/s?

Question 1)
Do you support a living wage for all staff directly employed by the council?


Question 2)
Do you support a living wage for all contractors employed by the council?


Question 3)
Do you support a living wage for all staff employed by the council controlled organisations?


Question 4)
Do you support equal pay claims for relevant council staff (such as library assistants) and would you support working with Unions to advance these claims?


Question 5)
Would you support adapting council procurement policies to positively view contractors with union agreements?


Question 6)
Would you support adapting council employment policies to ensure all directly employed, contractors and staff of CCO’s have access to with union membership?


Question 7)
Do you support declaring a climate emergency? What role do you think Council can play in preventing climate change and mitigating its effects?

Yes. There is much that Council can do to reduce its own emissions and those of residents. For starters, it can quickly reduce its dependence on fossil fuels (for transport, heating etc.) and encourage public transport and better building standards. We must also protect residents from the impact of rising sea levels and extreme weather events which are inevitable.

Question 8)
Under what circumstances would you support the sale of any council owned assets or organisations (or part thereof)?

If assets or organisations no longer meet a need of the community and/or are no longer providing public benefit, and residents agree to their sale.

Question 9)
Do you support the privatization of council services? Would you support bringing currently privatized services back under direct council control?

Generally not – ratepayers and residents rarely benefit from privatization of services. If Council could provide better service to residents themselves, I would support bringing services back.

Question 10)
What role do you think council plays in making sure that decent and affordable housing is available for all residents?

Council are both a provider of housing (in Hutt City’s case, through Urban Plus Ltd) and controller of various levers to influence the availability and quality of housing, through the district plan and zoning.

Question 11) (GWRC Candidates only)
Do you support the establishment of a working group with relevant transport unions to regularly consult on aspects of the delivery of regional public transport services?

Question 12) (GWRC Candidates only)
Would you use your position on regional council to seek the repeal of the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM)?

Question 13)
Can you demonstrate a commitment to working people and progressive politics? (please elaborate upto 200 words)

I was the first person to register a Living Wage employer in Lower Hutt – Common Unity Project Aotearoa – and spent time with new (sometimes first time) employees of that organisation to help them understand the terms of their employment agreements, such as leave entitlements. While a Playcentre president, I lobbied for Hutt Playcentre Association to adopt the living wage for employees.

I have always voted for progressive political parties and, in recent years, formed and led the Naenae Residents Association to help local residents find a voice and purpose. We have fought hard for authentic community engagement with better consultation, communication and transparency, and are glad to see a shift towards this under Hutt City Council’s new chief executive. In addition to challenging Council over major developments in our community I have engaged formally in many Council processes including opposing liquor licenses and advocating for the protection of heritage and nature.



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