HCC Mayoralty


Campbell Barry
Occupation: City Councillor
Candidate for: Mayor of Lower Hutt
Are you a union member/staff member? Yes – ETU.

Have you previously been a union member? If so, when and where? N/A
(for business owners only) Are there union agreements at your business/s? N/A

Question 1)
Do you support a living wage for all staff directly employed by the council?

Yes – I fought for this at the Hutt City Council, and got it over the line last year.

Question 2)
Do you support a living wage for all contractors employed by the council?

Yes. One of my policies is for Hutt City Council to become an accredited Living Wage Employer.

Question 3)
Do you support a living wage for all staff employed by the council controlled organisations? Yes.

Question 4)
Do you support equal pay claims for relevant council staff (such as library assistants) and would you support working with Unions to advance these claims?

I would be open to exploring this, and working with any parties. Equal pay is incredibly important to me.

Question 5)
Would you support adapting council procurement policies to positively view contractors with union agreements?

I would have to work through this in more detail before making a commitment.

Question 6)
Would you support adapting council employment policies to ensure all directly employed, contractors and staff of CCO’s have access to with union membership?

I would have to work through this in more detail before making a commitment.

Question 7)
Do you support declaring a climate emergency? What role do you think Council can play in preventing climate change and mitigating its effects?

Yes. Council must play a leadership role on this. I’ve released a policy which would see the profit from the Silverstream Landfill ring-fenced for environmental initiatives and lowering our carbon footprint. We also need to work proactively with national and regional stakeholders.

Question 8)
Under what circumstances would you support the sale of any council owned assets or organisations (or part thereof)?

In principle I don’t support the sale of Council owned assets.

Question 9)
Do you support the privatization of council services? Would you support bringing currently privatized services back under direct council control?

I want to explore how we can bring back some of our basic core service functions -eg street sweeping.

Question 10)
What role do you think council plays in making sure that decent and affordable housing is available for all residents?

This is incredibly important. I’ve released a policy which would see Council’s Social Housing provider get out of the property speculation game and instead focus on doubling its social housing portfolio. We also need to be investing in the basic infrastructure to support housing growth and existing households.

Question 11) (GWRC Candidates only)
Do you support the establishment of a working group with relevant transport unions to regularly consult on aspects of the delivery of regional public transport services? N/A

Question 12) (GWRC Candidates only)
Would you use your position on regional council to seek the repeal of the Public Transport Operating Model (PTOM)? N/A

Question 13)
Can you demonstrate a commitment to working people and progressive politics? (please elaborate upto 200 words)

I’m a strong believer that everyone, no matter who they are, or where they live, should have the opportunities to get ahead in life. Council’s playa crucial role in helping create and support thriving communities.

As a Councillor, I’ve been a strong advocate for the Living Wage – And got some good progress on this. I’ve also worked hard on Council acknowledging and combating homelessness across our city.

I’m a great believer in fairness, and people being paid a fair wage for a fair day’s work.

I really want to lead the way in Hutt City with social procurement policies – So when we award contracts (for example $60m potentially on Naenae Pool) we can create positive social outcomes for local communities and workers. This is an area we can make a real difference.

Question 14)
Is there any further information that we should take into account?

I want to be upfront and honest with people about my values – That’s why i’m standing as a Labour endorsed candidate for the Mayoralty in Lower Hutt.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions or need anything else.


David Smith
Semi-retired. Run small cleaning with my wife – with a few domestic clients. Don’t employ anyone else at moment. Have employed people part time in past. Paid above minimum hourly rate.
Union involvement.
Was on Printing Union Committee briefly in seventies.
I was an early Childcare teacher and was unionised for most of the time. Was a union delegate and a branch secretary at on stage.

Question One.
Last time I stood for Mayor I was not so sure about the living wage. I am now more in favour with some reservations but think it should happen but as a small business operator I think a fairer tax system would ultimately be better for people on low incomes. I am against gst on everything. I also think regular wage increases are needed and that is where unions are important. I think council should consult with the appropriate unions on the issue and hope that the parties will come up with an Acceptable solution. I accept that the council has an obligation to be a leading light in this Area. My biggest problem is that a living wage can mean different things to different people. I think we need the govt. in the loop here. What would be a good idea would be for you to ask for so much above the minimum wage so everybody would have a formula to work with. We need to sort this issue without delay, as council needs to have it all costed. As there will be a lot of new contracts coming up. It may be that if Mayor I would need to facilitate a meeting with your representative and likely contractors as soon as.
Question Two
Yes with same reservations.
Question Three
Yes with same reservations
Question four
A definite yes.
Question Five
Yes (if law allowed it)
Question six

Question Seven
Yes. Council can come help by reducing pollution, keeping our rivers and waterways clean, and understanding that the extinction of plants animals and insects can have huge on flow effects. Man made products can disrupt the system. Air quality is crucial as are trees. Waste management and working with nature and not against it is a key part. Building with natural products and using materials that will pollute less is also key. The council needs to set the example. Before any project that will produce waste can start, I would want to have an estimate of how much waste will be produced and how it will be disposed of. I will vote against it if I am not happy about it. The council needs to work with all interested parties. Unions need to work with their members on climate change as consumers need to play their part too. I have already stated that if Mayor I would like to set up a sustainability fund that residents can invest in as I know rates will not be enough for what will be needed to do what is needed around climate change. I still looking at how it would work but I will be encouraging people to think about investing with some of the money they would normally use for gambling, smoking and alcohol etc. Each investor would have chance to win eco-friendly prizes and services instead of interest and when fund established groups, businesses and individuals could apply for funds around climate change. I also think we need to look at having all terrain vehicles so people can be evacuated if necessary, to save lives. All-terrain vehicles may be the future as roads are constantly blocked with slips or parts washed away. A well-known Kiwi invented one that is used as a taxi service across water and land In London. We can all participate in reducing water usage, so our rivers do not run dry by fixing leaky taps and having taps that only let a small amount of water through at a time. Council needs to up its game here as water wastage through water leaks is unbelievable. Money from a sustainability fund might be of help here.
Yesterday I made submissions on changes to district plan 43 re housing. I can send a copy of those to you if you cannot get them online. I have also done a paper on waste management as I see it two local councillors have had it. I am happy to speak to anyone on this subject. Council relationships with Universities and volunteer groups may also be essential in any overall plan.
Lastly I think volunteers who can be called upon at short notice will be key in fighting climate change as council is at present light on people needed for the fight. The council might have to bite the bullet and hire more staff also.
Question Eight
This is a difficult question. But I will answer best I can. I would consider such sales if the purchaser had a plan for the asset that would not have seemingly negative benefits for rate payers in long term and the sale price would let council pay for other projects that otherwise might not go ahead. Rents are an issue and I would not like to see renters disadvantaged in any sales of assets. I would also need to see that the purchaser had money in hand to carry out the plan. And was not going to on sell for a quick profit or seek a zone change. Knowledge of the purchaser’s financial stability would be a prerequisite. I believe council should not do this behind closed doors and the sale should not be rushed into without objections to sale or alternative use for asset to be considered. I am not keen on reserve land ending up in private hands. We also do not want council having to buy back the asset at later date because of a change of heart. Due diligence is essential. Also, not keen on overseas buyers for any assets except where real jobs and large numbers of them were likely with no rates rebates from council. Union input would be essential here. I would be likely to vote against sale of any council asset if there was the likelihood of a green area being lost for good as a result or toxic substances would be stored on the site or large amounts of waste would be produced as a result of sale.
I would consider sale of an asset that is running a loss and is a drain on council finances and is not in a real sense part of what could be considered a normal council asset. Again, due diligence would be essential as would an open process.
Question nine
In some cases, yes. I am concerned about too many services being contracted out and the council being at the mercy of contactors. Council needs some wriggle room in being able to do small jobs to prevent a bigger bill later. Access to key services at a fair price by all is a key consideration and if the provider does not meet that standard then I would look at it. Prioritising council spending is huge for me. We have parts of the Hutt that are run down and need fixing. Should we have spent millions on Avalon park, I know it looks nice but was the price tag worth given the state some children are living in. I was an ECE teacher for thirty years and favour simple playgrounds with equipment that alter to some extent and use their imagination. We don’t need to clutter a playground up with equipment that comes out of factories that pollute the atmosphere, costs a lot to maintain and may not have a long shelf life. Christchurch spent big amounts in this area too and has big maintenance bills. Children need hills to roll down and places to run without knocking themselves on equipment. Places to kick a ball around are getting scarce. Also, nature trails help children learn and develop positively. We have a great new walkway in Wainui but was the cost justified. Can’t make up my mind on this one as safety was an issue. Still think it should have cost less.
I think council urgently need to have more control of the waste management process. I follow closely what has happened in Christchurch with prosecutions for repeat illegal dumping of commercial waste. We have the disgusting situation in Wainui with waste going on to a flood plain. We need to act fast on this, I am particularly concerned if we don’t then organised crime will control illegal dumping as is the case in overseas countries. Fighting corruption of this sort is high on United Nations agenda, as we will lose our ability to fight climate change if we don’t deal with it.
Question ten
Council sets by-laws, around housing, signs off on some contracts, has say about what building materials can be used and sets a whole raft of fees etc all of which impact. The council control rents on some properties. It inspects and upholds building standards or not. It, asks for feedback on subject.
I am hot on emergency housing and see Flatpacks as bringing prices down. There are A frames that can be put up in 7 hours. Relocatable homes are important too. Due diligence by council also will help. The time it takes to put up a house is reflected in the price, so delays in getting inspections completed is council fault. I made suggestion around this in my submission on dp43 changes.
Question thirteen
My answers to previous questions should cover my commitment. When I was an ECE teacher I was involved in fight for better wages and conditions. For example, when voluntary unionism came in and our centre was wanting to bring in individual contracts, I persuaded all my co-workers to take a stand. We unanimously told management that they could bring them in but that they would all their current staff, they backed off. Loss of terms and conditions is one of my concerns. I am also concerned that some people are taking money to sign away terms and conditions for future employees. Health issues, safety issues and work stress, unemployment are all issues that affect both employees and employers and common ground needs to be found, and without unions it becomes harder. I don’t pretend to or never was a hard-core extremist and don’t pretend to be now. I believe that a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay is still important, as is good faith bargaining. My concern is around the balance between higher wages and the number of workers employed and how working people are taxed needs to be looked at as well as greed and corruption.
Question 14
We need to look at how people are sucked into buying on credit and the debt people are getting into and what can be done. Council needs to be more active in ensuring we have enough places where people can mix socially and learn more about each other and share life stories, share resources and a good laugh. We have too many people isolated and alone who believe all the fake news. As far as housing goes council needs to pull finger on getting people out of houses with toxic mould. I just read a report by 2 respected journalists called the “homicide report” which links increased murder rate of young men in deprived areas. It re-enforces my view that we are not doing enough in this area. I also want council to be more pro-active in working with different ethnic groups and people already working at the coalface to keep our young people out of gangs and involvement with corruption and organised crime. Also white collar crime, fraud and theft are issues that impact on our city. These issues if not tackled lead to more bankruptcies’, higher insurance and loss of jobs.

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