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Chris Parkin
Occupation: Photography Teacher/tutor
Candidate for: Hutt City Council, Western Ward
Are you a union member/staff member? No.
Have you previously been a union member? If so, when and where?

YesPost Primary Teachers’ Association 2003-2006

Question 1)

Do you support a living wage for all staff directly employed by the council?


Question 2)
Do you support a living wage for all contractors employed by the council?

Question 3)
Do you support a living wage for all staff employed by the council controlled organisations?

Question 4)

Do you support equal pay claims for relevant council staff (such as library assistants) and would you support working with Unions to advance these claims?

Yes, the same review needs to be done to ensure we are not discriminating based on gender.

Question 5)
Would you support adapting council procurement policies to positively view contractors with union agreements?

They should be considered the same as other contractors

Question 6)
Would you support adapting council employment policies to ensure all directly employed, contractors and staff of CCO’s have access to with union membership?


Question 7)
Do you support declaring a climate emergency? What role do you think Council can play in preventing climate change and mitigating its effects?

Yes. The council should be playing both a leadership role and starting by setting an example of best practice. We also need to be providing information to local businesses and homes and ensuring that our planning helps people to adapt.

Question 8)

Under what circumstances would you support the sale of any council owned assets or organisations (or part thereof)?

The some of the funding of Naenae pool could be achieved by sponsorship and that may include a part stake in the business, but this would need to be done with consultation of the public.

Question 9)
Do you support the privatization of council services? Would you support bringing currently privatized services back under direct council control?

Generally I don’t support the privatization, as we have less transparency. I would like to see more transparency and if that required bringing things in house then this should be investigated.

Question 10)
What role do you think council plays in making sure that decent and affordable housing is available for all residents?

City councils need to work alongside central government to ensure affordable housing. Opening up inner city sites and those that are close to transport hubs to higher density housing can take the pressure off the housing market, however this needs to be done with consideration of our environment and infrastructure as well as still resulting in an attractive city.

Question 13)
Can you demonstrate a commitment to working people and progressive politics? (please elaborate upto 200 words)
The biggest challenge that councils and this country face is changing our reliance on fossil fuels and doing so in a way that makes sure we look after our people while doing so. For the Hutt City Council this means a significant change in the way we approach our waste management and encouraging businesses to shift to more sustainable practices. This transition is going to change the type of jobs workers are doing and so we need to plan the process so we work with local training institutions to help people to shift industries rather than leaving them to sort things out for themselves.


Margaret Cousins and Chris Milne did not respond to the survey.

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